Cash App Pay Blockchain Exchange

This is a simple exchange that takes in USD$ via Cash App Pay and returns ERKC (Eureka Coins), a blockchain currency created by

Submission for the 2022 Square Unboxed Hackathon

This was created as a submission for what can be accomplished with Cash App Pay for the 2022 Square Unboxed Hackathon which invited developers to Build or extend an app with new features using Square’s new Bookings API release, Cash App Pay, Checkout API, or Terminal API.

Here is a link to the Hackathon

This project was built alongside our community for example the name of the coin was submitted and voted on through Instagram polls and submissions.

So we invite you one more time to support by either making a test payment or a real payment. All transactions will be recorded and displayed publicly for competition judges to see that the platform works.

If you wish to take it to another level, you can send a real payment over $25 and if we win, we will give you back 3 times your amount to share our winnings. If we lose, you will get back 30%.
Read terms carefully for details.

This will hopefully show the competition judges how this can be applied for example as a business loyalty program for stores (where customers instead of gift cards or promo codes, they get cryptocurrency when they use Cash App Pay that can be used for future purchases, etc) or a crowdfunding platform powered by Cash App Pay,...

Possibilities are endless when you can pay and receive money with Cash App Pay.

Our other Cash App product (currently equipped with Cash App Pay) has already processed thousands of transactions for merchants using it daily.


Need some help?

If you are having any issues, please reach out in the following ways:


Once you send in your payment via Cash App Pay, you will receive 30% of the amount paid in ERKC, a coin we created for the hackathon.

WARNING: We do not recommend trading ERKC on the open market since there are no current plans to grow the currency or distribute it widely in which case holding it would result in losing its value in the future. If you decide to hold it, know that when you trade it, there is a big possibility no one wants to buy it from you.

REAL Transactions

Transactions made through this page are recorded below.

TEST Transactions

Understanding the technology

If you are new to the Square development or blockchain or do not understand how all this works, please use the resources below:

Here are a few videos explaining the technology powering this platform:


Here are a few things you should know before you send a real payment above $25: